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Should You Choose A Concrete, Timber Or Steel Structure?

25 August 2016

Concrete, timber and steel are three of the most common building materials used today. The material you should choose for your structure depends on many factors, such as the type of building, your budget, and the capabilities of your worksite. Concrete, timber and steel each comes with their own advantages and challenges, so which one Read More

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How Turret Punching Can Turn Your Building Into A Work Of Art

25 July 2016

Metalworking has been around since the Bronze Age, when humans used copper to make tools and bronze to produce weapons. Over the years, the production of metals has progressed in leaps and bounds, and today it is a vast industry. One innovative development in metalworking technology is the invention of the turret punching press. What Read More

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How A Core Tray Racking System Can Save Your Business Money

25 June 2016

Do you need a reliable and convenient platform to store core samples? A core tray racking system could be the answer, particularly if you’re in the mining industry. Not only is this type of system an ideal solution for long-term storage and organisation of your core trays, but a core tray racking system can also Read More

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How To Choose The Right Finish For Your Steelwork

25 October 2015

Metal finishing is a surface treatment that alters the properties of steel products and there are many different types of finishing processes that fulfil a variety of functions, both practical and aesthetic. Steelwork can be brushed, patterned, electroplated, coloured, painted, buffed, powder coated, dipped, polished and patterned (amongst other finishing processes) – all of which Read More

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How To Minimise Waste In Sheet Metal Fabrication

25 September 2015

Reducing waste is a key business imperative for organisations involved in the steel and metal fabrication industries. Waste represents a tangible loss of resources which translates into increased costs and lost revenue, so whether it’s minimising wasted materials or keeping a lid on unnecessary consumption of energy or water, every step of the manufacturing process Read More

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