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How A Core Tray Racking System Can Save Your Business Money

25 June 2016

Do you need a reliable and convenient platform to store core samples? A core tray racking system could be the answer, particularly if you’re in the mining industry. Not only is this type of system an ideal solution for long-term storage and organisation of your core trays, but a core tray racking system can also save your business money.

How a core tray racking system works

The system works by housing your core trays in racks, with end or side loading available. To access your samples, you simply slide out the tray for easy core sample viewing. The size of the racks is highly customisable, so whether you have a small shed or a large mining operation, a core tray racking system may work for your business. Core tray racking systems can be delivered either in pre-fabricated or knock down form. Pre-fabricated systems are pre-assembled for quick and easy setup on your site, while knock down systems are unassembled for easier transportation. Speak to a manufacturer to find out which system is best for your business.

Customising your core tray racking system

Thanks to their versatility and convenience, you can customise a core tray racking system in many ways. You can choose double or single racks depending on your needs, and you can add optional doors, roofing and side covers for protection and security. A security door may be a good option if you have fragile or expensive core samples that need locking to protect from theft. Customised solutions are crucial in the mining industry because the industry is so diverse and involves a variety of tools and processes to drill and collect samples.

Benefits of a core tray racking system

Core tray racking systems are made from heavy-duty galvanised steel, so you can store maximum samples in each tray. This means you can maximise your floor space, and your staff can store and access more samples in a single location so they won’t waste time running around a warehouse. Galvanised steel is resistant to rust and will withstand harsh environments, so not only will your racking system last longer, but it will also protect your core samples more efficiently. Storing your core samples in a sturdy, weatherproof system means you’ll minimise sample loss. A racking system also means your core samples can be moved around easily and transported securely, making it an ideal solution for the mining industry.

As an added bonus, using a core tray racking system will minimise risk of injury in your workplace. When a staff member wants to view a core sample, they can simply slide the tray out from the rack. They won’t need to manually handle samples or do any lifting, so they’re less likely to have an accident.

West Australian Steel specialises in a range of metal fabrication, including core trays and racking systems. Based in Perth with almost 30 years of industry experience, WA Steel offers a complete manufacturing solution from initial concept right through to a finished product. Give their friendly team a call today on 08 9377 3778 to discuss your core tray racking system requirements, or visit to find out more about WA Steel.

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