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How Turret Punching Can Turn Your Building Into A Work Of Art

25 July 2016

Metalworking has been around since the Bronze Age, when humans used copper to make tools and bronze to produce weapons. Over the years, the production of metals has progressed in leaps and bounds, and today it is a vast industry. One innovative development in metalworking technology is the invention of the turret punching press.

What is turret punching?

Turret punching is a method of adding a decorative element to sheet metal. The press punches uniform holes through a sheet of metal, creating patterns and textures. Turret punching is fast and versatile, and the hole designs can be round, diamond shaped, triangle, square and more. From standard perforated sheets to detailed decorative metal, turret punching can truly turn your building into a work of art.

Where you can use turret punching

Depending on the purpose and structure of a building, turret punching can be used in a variety of ways. You could create decorative grilles, metal screens or architectural feature panels, so that practical metal structures are given an attractive look and feel. Ceiling panels, stair treads and sun screens can also be turned into artistic features using turret punching. If you’re looking to turn your building’s exterior into a work of art, you can use turret punching on building facades, gates, fire escapes or open steel flooring.

How turret punching can turn your building into a work of art

Decorative metalwork can transform any space. It adds an artistic element, and it can bring an entirely new look and feel to an old warehouse or industrial building. Incorporating perforated metal sheets into an exterior wall can diffuse natural light, provide shade, and make a building unique by turning an otherwise boring wall into a work of art. Turret punching metal sheets limits the amount of light let in, but maintains visibility. It can create a look that is modern, industrial, and ambient. So whether you need to cover a whole façade or provide decorative accents, why not consider turret punching for your next architectural project?

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