Beam Processing Line in Perth

High Productivity Beam Processing Line

Our Voortman V630/1000 beam processing line is testament to our commitment to investing in world-leading technologies that enable us to produce high quality fabricated solutions, quickly, consistently and cost-effectively.

The high-capacity CNC-controlled V630 is recognised as one of the fastest and most productive beam drilling systems available, with unmatched levels of automation.

It has three independent drilling units (one vertical and two horizontal) which can be operated simultaneously, enabling flanges and webs to be drilled at the same time. Each drilling head also has its own automatic tool changer with five tools suitable for HSS drills, carbide tipped drills, thread tapping, counter sinking, layout marketing and centre point marketing.

We are able to process beams from 65mm wide up to 1000mm wide.

With 100% automation from start to finish, the system eliminates human error and maximises operating efficiencies and production levels which is excellent news for our customers.

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