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Laser Cutting To Create Decorative Screens Or Features

30 October 2016

Laser cutting is a method of metal fabrication used to cut complex shapes into sheet metal. The process takes electronic data from a CAD drawing or 3D modelling software, and then creates flat form parts by burning or melting the metal. How does laser cutting work? Laser cutting works by moving a laser beam into Read More

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How To Choose The Right Finish For Your Steelwork

25 October 2015

Metal finishing is a surface treatment that alters the properties of steel products and there are many different types of finishing processes that fulfil a variety of functions, both practical and aesthetic. Steelwork can be brushed, patterned, electroplated, coloured, painted, buffed, powder coated, dipped, polished and patterned (amongst other finishing processes) – all of which Read More

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Five Safety Tips For Your Steel Fabrication Business

5 September 2015

Any steel fabrication company worth their mettle understands the importance of workplace safety. Maintaining a safe working environment is obviously important from a health and welfare perspective and it’s imperative to take all practical steps to minimise the risk of injury to personnel on site, but there are many other issues that are affected by Read More

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Five Things To Look For In Your Steel Fabricator

6 August 2015

Steel fabrication isn’t only the domain of heavy industrial projects, it’s a process that touches everyday lives in a myriad different ways without people even realising it. Just about every structure involves some type of steel fabrication whereby the metal has been formed, bent, sawn, cut, sheared, stamped or welded into shape – and this Read More

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Why Use Fabricated Steel In Your Next Construction Project

20 July 2015

Steel is the material of choice in many different building projects and when you look at what benefits it brings to the construction industry, it’s not difficult to see why. From cost savings and sustainability to safety and reliability, there are a myriad ways that fabricated steel can add value, performance, longevity and aesthetics to Read More

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