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Six Reasons Why Architects Love Punched Metal Sunscreens

25 March 2015

Given that Australia is known as the sunburnt country, it’s no wonder that architects, developers and builders are constantly on the look-out for innovative, cost-effective and attractive ways of beating the heat inside buildings.

But soaring temperatures aren’t the only consideration. Escalating energy costs and a growing focus on sustainability are also forcing architects to constantly seek inventive new ways of controlling climate conditions inside buildings.

Enter punched metal sunscreens. Perforated screens are increasingly being specified by architects and developers as an optimal means of filtering sunlight into buildings, reducing glare and most importantly, mitigating the heat. And they look good too. A quick drive through a newly developed commercial area or modern housing development will reveal just how widespread the use of punched or perforated metal sunscreens has become.

Let’s look at five reasons why they’ve become a favourite amongst the building and architectural fraternity:

Temperature reduction

The perforations in the metal are designed to allow a comfortable level of natural sunlight into a building whilst at the same time deflecting heat and reducing glare.


These sunscreens are not only virtually maintenance-free, but they offer additional advantages in terms of their structural strength (an important consideration in areas where climactic conditions can be challenging) and providing an important control against noise and wind. They can also be designed to enhance privacy without blocking the view – which is particularly important in the new era of higher-density and high-rise living.


Perforated sunscreens are a cost-effective choice not only because the metal has superior longevity over other building materials and requires very little ongoing maintenance and cleaning, but installation of these screens also ultimately leads to reduced energy costs.


Architects also love punched metal sunscreens because they’re an excellent way of achieving their sustainable design objectives. By naturally reducing temperatures, they reduce the need for energy-guzzling airconditioners.


Punched metal screens can be custom designed to suit any application which makes them a versatile and flexible option across a range of architectural styles. The choice of perforation pattern and the size of the holes also allows for flexibility in controlling how much light comes into the building. Among the many variations of metal sunscreen on offer to architects and builders are canopy shades, fixed sunscreens (either custom designed or off-the-shelf), building envelopes and operable sunscreens.

Aesthetically pleasing

Punched metal sunshades or sunscreens can be manufactured in an endless range of patterns, shapes, sizes and profiles which gives architects huge scope for creativity and design. They add a modern look to any type of building, be it a school, office, commercial building, home or apartment block and can be fully customised to complement any architectural style.

With such a compelling list of advantages, it’s no wonder that punched metal screens have become a favourite amongst architects and building designers. If you’d like to learn more about how these innovative products can enhance the efficiency and aesthetics of your building, you should visit the website of specialist fabricator, WA Steel at

Sunscreens are just one product in WA Steel’s extensive range of perforated products for sheet metal punching. Their state-of-the-art CNC turret punch produces highly accurate components and their extensive tooling library enables them to produce a limitless range of complicated shapes in a variety of materials and thicknesses and they’re on hand to answer any query on 08 9377 3778.

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