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Raising The Bar When It Comes To Access Equipment

25 May 2015

No-one deserves to work in an unsafe environment and no employer can afford to run a workplace that doesn’t meet the highest safety standards – so when it comes to workplaces which require people have to operate at height, it’s imperative that the access equipment is of the highest quality.

Working at height means any situation where someone has to be above ground level to perform a function.   In such situations, platforms are always preferable to ladders from both a safety perspective and from a liability perspective – but it is vital to ensure that any access platform is manufactured to stringent safety and quality standards in order to protect both the employee and the employer.

Many industries have their own challenges when it comes to working at height, and a reputable steel fabrication company will be able to manufacture access platforms and other access equipment which meets those specific requirements.    For example, an aircraft access platform will be different from a mobile work platform for the mining industry – and it is important to choose a metal fabrication company that can cater for your individual needs.

However, not all access equipment has to be made to order and there are many products on the market that can be ordered as standard.  However, because employee safety is the priority – it’s important to select products that meet current Australian Safety Standards and which ensure compliance with legislative and workplace requirements.

It’s also worthwhile noting that not all access equipment is the same.  Safety features such as self-closing swing gates, adjustable castors, anti-slip treads, removable guardrails which reduce the threat of weld stress and fall restraint systems can all make a big difference when it comes to ensuring employee safety, minimising the chance of injury and protecting employers from litigation.

When purchasing access equipment, it’s also important to work with a metal fabrication company that understands the various industry challenges and which has the experience and expertise to deliver solutions that meet specifications as well as meet quality and safety standards.

One such company is W A Steel, whose advanced steel fabrication production facilities ensure that they have the capacity as well as the precision to undertake a wide range of fabricated components and projects.  They are suppliers to the mining, transport, construction, aviation and materials handling industries and have all the experience and expertise necessary to meet any access and working at height requirements.

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