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Common Applications For Steel

25 November 2014

It’s one of the most common alloys around but do you actually know all the different uses and applications for steel? Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon and its high tensile strength makes it an extremely popular choice across a wide range of industries. Steel fabrication is crucial to the application of steel across all industries, so let’s take a look at some of the most popular sectors in which steel is used.



The transport sector is one of the major industries where steel is used. Up to 65% of most cars are made from steel, with the remaining components being comprised from aluminium, iron and titanium, amongst other things. Besides cars, steel is commonly used as part of truck frames, bus frames, trains, ships and also as components for aeroplanes.


Mining & Resources

Steel is used extensively in the infrastructure across the energy and resources sector throughout the world. It is required in things like pipelines, cranes, offshore platforms and rigs, forklifts and earth-moving equipment. Even in the newer renewable energy sector, steel is widely used for example in wind turbines. With mining specifically in mind, storage systems and racking systems are often made from steel and high quality steel core trays are a popular choice in the industry.



The construction industry is the one application that most people will associate the use of steel and steel fabrication. Many construction projects will include the use of steel in one form or another. One of the benefits of using steel in construction is its relative cost-effectiveness and its high tensile properties. Steel is widely used in projects for building frames, roofing, architectural metalwork, fencing, louvered panels and much more.



Many of the common appliances in our homes are often manufactured from steel. Ovens are primarily made from steel but there may not be a room in your home that doesn’t contain steel – from refrigerators and freezers in the kitchen to washing machines and dryers in the laundry, and air conditioning units across the home, steel is ever present in most residential homes. Sunscreens and bushfire screens are also commonly made from steel or stainless steel.


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